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Terrible, Terrible Planning?

By on July 26, 2017

Dhaka has seen itself flooded in all major locations, Shantinagar (as usual), Bailey Road (wait, I have an image to share), Mirpur, Bashundhara (close to a river, cars drowning and what not?), Banani, Dhanmondi and I expect the next few names from you.

The rain today has crumbled Dhaka and its citizens. The topic has generated major conversations on social media since morning and it is still going on! So, what is people’s take on it? Some are obviously blaming the Govt., the planning departments, some abusing the rain, while some are just cursing their life for it and some seeking solutions in traffic groups. Lets have a look at the situations/Dhaka river first.

Flood in Banani


Some people have thought (they mentioned that they literally thought) that the above picture was taken in Bandarban or Cox’s Bazar!




West Rajabazar

West Rajabazar

Not sure where these 2 are going in that thing.

Apart from the frustrating pictures, people have shared their opinions on Dhaka going under water.

We have curated some Facebook statuses (interesting, funny, sad, swearing?) and conversations for you. So, here you go.

Rain in Dhaka

#Halkabrishty #Halkanodi

A letter to the the Government. Quite interesting with the #halka hashtags.

Dhaka problem

Life is the problem

Life termed as ‘Gebon’ in the Murad Takla fashion gets the blow here.

Some are even enjoying the rain?

Rain in Bashundhara

Enjoy the rain. Shall we?

And a probable solution perhaps?

Solution for flood in Dhaka

Solved. Savvy?


Dhaka Suffering

4 hours 40 minutes from Banasree to Bashundhara!

4 hours 40 minutes journey from Banasree to Bashundhara. What kind of torture is that?

Hungrynaki, the mighty food delivery service closes down! Well did they really close? (if they did, did they do it on purpose?) Maybe, a lot of orders made by people while they were traveling, I mean struggling or swimming to their work place? Or did they just want to get into the conversation? How did they know that the rain will go away after 12:30 pm?

Hungrynaki closed down

We closed for a few hours. Yay!

It worked. Here’s how:

Hungry Naki

Damn you Hungrynaki. Where’s my Chillox Burger?


Whiteboard session

Whiteboard session gets cancelled! 🙁

An important session to be taken by Google’s Country Marketing Consultant gets cancelled!!

It even turned out to a war at some point. Dhaka versus Chittagong?

Dhaka vs Chittagong

Bring the war!

A mighty blow to the Dhaka people. Because this happened to Chittagong earlier this week.

Car drowning in Chittagong

Ever heard of cars drowning?

And this!

Rickshaw in Bangladesh

Almost a submarine or a sub-rickshaw?

Finally a rickshaw puller who can breathe under water. People even made Memes out of it and it got hundreds of shares, a lot of shares from us, Bangladeshis.

Baily road

Entrance of a house in Bailey Road

A picture of Bailey road as promised.

Dhaka, Chittagong, Bangladesh, Noakhali, wherever it happens it should not. We should fight this flooding issue due to rain as a country and find solutions to fix. Our city planners need to plan better.

So instead of making it a fight our cursing each other or start a fight in groups which photo is fake lets be calm and embrace the situation. Lets all be safe and love our country.

Before, I finish I would request you to let me know in the comments what you have done today. Did you go to your school/college or university? Have you made it to office? Be safe out there people.

Good day! Don’t get wet!




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